Getting started as a coach

Where do you start as a coach?



This is the first blog post of our new website!

Today I had a coaching session with Gretchen, who has been coaching me for a few months now. I got to know Gretchen through Noomii, one of the largest online directories of coaches. It’s designed to help people to find the right coach for them.

In November of 2016, I signed up to be on the Noomii directory (you can find me here), although I have to say, I have not received any customers from the site so far.

What it has done, however, is help me to think about how I present myself as a coach to the world. Because you make your own profile, it’s helpful to put into words what makes you unique and what a customer gets from working with you.

Signing up for Noomii has the additional privilege of learning about how to work on the business side of being a coach. For the price of membership, you get access to a collection of training materials. The first program is called Coach Marketing Bootcamp. It’s specifically designed for coaches who want to get more clients (who doesn’t?).

The number one thing they tell you: you have to find your clients. More than likely, they aren’t going to find you, especially if you’re new to the field of coaching.

Stew, a very successful coach, who I’ve worked with now for a few years, gets most of his clients through referral. But how do you get those referrals? By networking. So, the number one piece of advice in the Marketing Bootcamp is: call everyone you already know. Offer them a free/introductory coaching session so that they can understand what you do. Then see if it’s something they either 1) want to experience on a regular basis by signing up as your client, or 2) know someone who would be a good fit as a client.

I’ll write more about how you do that later. For now, check out Noomii and see if it’s a right fit for you.

One piece of advice: don’t believe all the hype from Noomii. Creating clients is not going to happen magically as soon as you put your profile online. Many coaches put up websites of their own and still clients are unable to find them. There’s much more to marketing than just putting up a website or a profile onto a directory.

The other warning is: Noomii attracts many of the “wrong” clients as well as a lot of coaches who have no idea what they’re doing. It takes time to separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. I  was given a Noomii coach as a client as part of my membership and she dropped off the face of the earth after our first call. If a coach can’t take their coaching seriously, then how serious should you take them?

If you do sign up for Noomii, I would recommend you differentiate yourself by being the coach that takes coaching seriously. A coach who gets back to their clients, and who goes the extra mile to make their clients feel they are dealing with a professional. Otherwise all you’re doing is giving the coaching business a bad name and you most likely won’t be successful as a coach.

Gretchen has been wonderful, however, so I am very glad I did decide to give Noomii a try.


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