Tips: Starting a business

Some advice for the beginner from other entrepreneurs.


workdeskBusiness advice is all over the Internet. There is literally no lack of information on how to start your own business. It’s also often all over the place, meaning, there is often no rhyme or reason to the information.

I attended a webinar recently by three female entrepreneurs. I thought they gave a succinct list of ways to stay both calm and focussed when getting a new business launched. Here are ten tips they shared with the audience:

  1. Know your WHY.
    This was accompanied by a visualization exercise to imagine yourself traveling 5 years into the future and being in the presence of who you will be 5 years from now. What would be surrounding you in your home? What advice would your older self give you? What can you learn from the things you have honored to get yourself to that place 5 years from now?
  2. You don’t have to be in love with your business idea 100% of the time.
    As long as your idea sparks you and keeps you going, it’s not important for your goal to feel amazing all of the time. Sometimes it can feel less than perfect. What is more important is that it feels at least 70% right, rather than 100% perfect.
  3. Say your goals out loud to the right people.
    Surround yourself with supportive people, people you can trust, like-minded people. Learn how different people can support you in different ways.
  4. Don’t spend all your time on social media in the beginning.
    Entrepreneurs think that they need to be on social media all the time when they’re starting their business. Instead, take the actions that will move you towards your 5 year vision. When you find yourself doing “busy work,” back off, take a break, walk around the block, then do the next thing that will move you forward. Even if it’s uncomfortable.
  5. Don’t do what everyone else is doing.
    Find your own secret sauce, your own voice, your own unique drive. Your story, what you offer is unique to you. Trust that showing up as you is your strength, your value. Just be yourself.
  6. Get a site you can update yourself.
    The women all suggested SquareSpace.
  7. Don’t put everything on your site.
    Be strategic about what goes on the home page. Say who you are and what you do. Put on a call to action. One should be a newsletter sign up button.
  8. Nervous + excitement = perfect.
    If you’re just nervous, without the excitement, you won’t take action. If you’re all excitement with no nervousness, it could mean the work is not that important to you. Remember your why, keep your eye on the prize and keep going, even when you’re unsure. Read “The War of Art,” and “Do the Work!,” both books by Steven Pressfield on how to overcome resistance.
  9. Have realistic expectations.
    Know that you won’t be able to replace your existing income right away. Make sure you have a savings or a day job to cover you when you first get started on your business.
  10. Time + experience = confidence.
    When you see results, you can trust what you’re doing is working. Trust what you have built so far. Confidence is fleeting! Learn your strengths and know that you have what it takes to do what you need to when things go wrong.

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