The Art of Life Coaching is a resource for life coaches, who are interested in developing their own coaching practice.

Why This Website

Soon after I graduated from coaching school, I started on the path of launching my own coaching practice. I quickly realized how daunting this effort could be. This website came out of conversations I had with my fellow coaching school graduates, who know how to coach, but don’t know a lot about starting a business. We found that we could all use some help, both in terms of information and moral support, to become successful, prosperous coaches.

Online Resources

We decided to join together to pool resources: What do we each individually know about running a business, marketing or sales? What do we know about the business of life coaching in particular? What kinds of information would help us and others who want to make a living from coaching?

Once we identified what is helpful to us as coaches, I suggested we put together all of the information together online, to make it accessible to all of us and to other coaches as well.

A Supportive Community

A second need we identified was having one another’s support during this process of building a practice. We became very close throughout our coaching training period and wanted to build on that connection to create a supportive environment for one another.

We now have a weekly call with one another to review our challenges, goals and accomplishments. We also promise to hold each other accountable, as coaches do with their clients. We promise to be honest about our individual journeys and to come to the group as our vulnerable and authentic selves.